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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss: Green Egg Cookies for Larchmont Elementary + Recipe
Dr. Suess spent a lifetime weaving cunningly benign rhymes for children about the environment, the dangers of isolationism and materialism, racial equality and the arms race. But ask a kid (or most adults for that matter) what they remember most about Suess and they’re likely to zero in on the food: pink ink drink for the yink or the titular green eggs and ham. Extra points go to the rare Suessical child who names our personal favorite, the “certified strictly Grade-A peppermint cucumber sausage-paste butter,” from the cake bakers in Happy Birthday to You. While the later might be a more appropriate literal birthday homage to Dr. Suess (he’d have been 108 today), we’re happy to forgo it for cookies.
Farmer’s Kitchen executive chef Ernest Miller will be serving up Green Egg Cookies to Larchmont Charter Elementary students today as part of their annual Suessian celebrations. If you’re not a student, or a teacher, at Larchmont, you can also grab yours at the restaurant today only. If you can’t make it over to Hollywood, Miller has also provided the recipe, after the jump.
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“She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain.”
—Louisa May Alcott

The Misfit, “A Good Man Is Hard To Find,” Flannery O’Connor
He was an older man than the other two. His hair was just beginning to gray and he wore silver-rimmed spectacles that gave him a scholarly look. He had a long creased face and didn’t have on any shirt or undershirt. He had on blue jeans that were too tight for him and was holding a black hat and a gun…“You don’t look a bit like you have common blood. I know you must come from nice people!”… When he smiled he showed a row of strong white teeth…Hunching his shoulders slightly…The Misfit’s eyes were red-rimmed and pale and defenseless-looking.