In honor of National Potato Chip Day, we’ve found the craziest potato chip flavors from around the globe.  From Thailand’s Hot Chili Squid to the UK’s Prawn Cocktail, we’ve found flavors that put sour cream and onion to shame.  Whether you like your chips savory or sweet, these flavors will either sound delicious or make you a little queasy.
1.  Lay’s Natural & Cool Kiwi-Flavored Chips2.  Walker’s Lincolnshire Sausage and Brown Sauce3.  Herr’s Baby Back Ribs Potato Chips4.  Walker’s Prawn Cocktail5.  Jiminy Chips’ Masala Potato Chips6.  Terra Kettles General Tso Potato Chips7.  Walker’s Max Chargrilled Steak8.  Lay’s Hot Chili Squid9.  Lay’s Cheese Lobster Flavor10.  Jiminy Chips’ Chocolate Marshmallow Potato Chips
Please click here for original article by Lauren Torrisi at ABC News.Image credit: Ryan McFarland/flickr
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