UKRAINE, Slavyansk : Children attend on September 1, 2014 a ceremony marking their first day of school in Slavyansk. The Ukrainian government has been restoring infrastructure and buildings destroyed by fighting in the eastern Ukrainian town of Slavyansk in the Donetsk region after pro-Russian rebels left the city in July. AFP PHOTO/ANATOLII STEPANOVAFP
No filter #california #sunset  (at San Jose, California)
No filter #sunset #california (at San Jose, California)

9.25.13                   Blair Arch,  Princeton University
Theodore Lewis

The Shining. (Stanley Kubrik, 1980)
Alternative Poster by Brandon Schaefer.
Labor Day: The End of Summer


While it’s always sunny in Venice, California the official “end” of summer is upon us.  Here’s to the endless search for the perfect wave, crisp sunrises and stellar sunsets.  Photograph by Todd Glaser.  

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It’s always the journey and rarely the destination.  

A woman stands in Khalid Nabi cemetery in Golestan, Iran, in this photo from Instagrammer Nima Deimary. It was one of our nine favorite images by our Instagram followers in this week’s #ReportageSpotlight roundup. See our @GettyReportage account for more.

slip, slidin’ away…..
The Ex (Canadian National Exhibition), from the top of Euroslide, Lakeshore, Toronto.

Slate translated these 12 famous first lines from novels into emojis. Can you name them?
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(Photo: Regan Mizuguchi/Caters News Agency)

"Shootout with Stormtroopers", Star Wars Uncut Scene 408 from oliver sin on Vimeo.

Animation and Design: Oliver Sin
Sound Design: Wesley Slover

Thousands of fans from around the world are joining forces to recreate Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, fifteen seconds at a time. Find out more by visiting

TM & (C) 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Footage Courtesy of Lucasfilm

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